The Complete Guide to Strategic Planning & OGSM

Business strategy must be simple.

It’s a mantra we’ve preached since we were executives in Fortune 500 organizations and continue to convey to our clients today as consultants.

We have learned that an effective strategy is the guiding force driving organizational execution, performance and financial results. Strategic decisions are tough so the framework for business strategy must be simple.

Download the guide to strategic planning to learn ArchPoint’s step by step process to successfully developing and executing your company’s strategic plan.

What you’ll learn in this whitepaper.

Core components to a successful strategic plan

Dos and Donts of strategic planning

An introduction to the OGSM strategic planning framework

Key steps to the strategic planning process

Why strategy execution matters and where companies fail

The impact of change management on strategy execution

We’ve helped hundreds of organizations develop and execute their strategies with OGSM.