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When the time comes for strategic planning, it can be hard to know which framework to choose for your organization. Since popularized in the late 1950s, hundreds of strategic frameworks have been developed and used by organizations of all types, sizes and stages in their business life cycle – most promising to be a silver bullet to strategic success.

We’ve done the research to highlight some of the most popular strategic frameworks over the past 60 years to help inform your decision of which framework best fits your organization.

Eight businessmen planning a strategy in business advancement each holding  different but equally important metaphorical element - compass,  puzzle pieces, pegs, cubes, key and one making notes.

I think the primary benefit of OGSM is that it helps everyone get on the same page.

I’ve never found a better or simpler process, once you get through it, in keeping a company aligned. Too often, people get sidetracked. OGSM gives organizations a clear picture of the work you are not going to work on.

— Kevin Young


Strategy is hard. myOGSM is easy.

myOGSM helps drive the successful execution of your company’s strategy by providing a central platform to capture and track objectives, goals, strategies and measures across the organization and consistently monitor progress and impact.

  • Strategy is built into the daily work
  • Resources are allocated to strategy (budget and people)
  • Employee performance measures are aligned to strategy
  • Employees are engaged with strategy
  • Strategy is consistently monitored and reviewed