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How Successful Companies Do Strategy

Only 33% of organizations will reach their strategic goals this year. Successful companies know execution takes dedication and discipline, and they use OGSM to make it happen. Learn more about how to effectively execute your strategic plan using myOGSM.

Simplify strategic planning with OGSM.

OGSM is a strategy framework that transforms objectives, goals, strategies and measures into actionable, executable plans popularized in the 1980s by Procter & Gamble as a means of aligning their global organization. ArchPoint is the leader in OGSM methodology and delivery and has helped hundreds of organizations – large and small – make the complex simple by harnessing the power of OGSM.

The ArchPoint OGSM Process

The process is grounded in a solid assessment of the current state of the business, clear and realistic growth expectations, and a list of capabilities needed to deliver the plan.



One of the biggest mistakes in strategy development is starting without grounding the plan in the realities of the business. We don’t just start building. We conduct an honest assessment of the internal organization and external influences on the business through interviews and research, benchmarking organizational capabilities and identifying gaps needed for success.


Strategy Development & Alignment  

Success doesn’t happen without transparency, collaboration, and accountability. Our approach forces tough conversations on the priorities of the business, gets clear on roles, and ensures everyone is on the same page before developing the plan. Once aligned, the OGSM provides a one-page visual roadmap for all strategic work across the organization, outlines clear metrics for tracking results, and keeps focus on the priorities that drive the business forward.


Solution Design 

Achieving strategic success oftentimes requires reallocating resources and designing new competencies to fill capability gaps. It also potentially requires choosing to spend time on different activities to achieve different results. We make sure these gaps are identified with plans to fill, action plans are developed and the choices on what the business will and will not spend time on is crystal clear.



The most critical part of planning is taking action. It’s also the hardest part. We equip leaders with tools to support execution and integrate strategy into the daily activities of the organization and provide leaders with a solid management routine to keep things moving. Strategy execution is where the work really begins. We help create a culture of getting things done.

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There’s a reason most companies struggle with strategy.

It’s tough, and it’s even tougher when it’s not supported by a framework that streamlines strategic activity and institutes rigor into the process. Our approach takes a complex idea and translates it into language that can quickly and succinctly be communicated at every level of an organization.

It works because it’s strategy, made simple.

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