Where strategy
meets execution.

A powerful solution achieving the organization’s potential.

Increase execution efficiency

myOGSM streamlines activities without wasting time updating spreadsheets, aggregating reports and tracking down information.

Enhance accountability

With the ability to assign ownership, due dates and reminders, team members always know what needs to be done and when it needs to be completed.

Measure performance

myOGSM provides the ability to monitor the performance of the organization from top to bottom.

Maintain focus on priorities

myOGSM integrates strategy into the daily activities of the organization.

Drive collaboration

Due to the transparent and collaborative nature of the application, team members are encouraged to communicate with each other when issues arise and are able to provide detailed notes and updates.

Align your team

myOGSM creates consistency and accountability across the organization.

myOGSM helps drive the successful execution of your company’s strategy by providing a central platform to capture and track objectives, goals, strategies and measures across the organization and consistently monitor progress and impact.

The Old Way

How complex and disconnected are the systems, documents and workflows you use to manage your strategy?

The New Way

Why not simplify with one central platform to track and manage your organization’s strategy?

Strategy is hard. myOGSM is easy.

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Strategic Dashboard


The dashboard provides a snapshot of progress against strategic work and its impact on financial and operational goals.

Visual Timelines


View a timeline of every strategic activity to efficiently coordinate deliverables among teams and functions.


Intelligence Reporting


Access quick reports or customize your own to summarize and track progress.

Quick Click Filtering Options


Access quick reports or filter your data to view only what you need, when you need it.

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Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 12.34.06 PM

Real Time Email Alerts


Create and manage email alerts to stay aware of upcoming due dates and your team’s progress.

MyOGSM Features

Easy-to-read reports

Export and print reports or create your own. Great for work sessions and presentations.

Real-time collaboration

Eliminate manual data collection and version control issues with a central platform that maintains complete revision history.

Automated email alerts

Stay up-to-date with email alerts on changes, updates and reminders to keep users engaged.

Discussion tool

Collaborate using the platform’s notes tool to share background information and support strategy dialogue.

Activity stream

Monitor engagement with the activity feed so you can track changes, additions, and completions.

Budget tracking

Connect budgets to initiatives and track real-time to ovoid overspending.

Visual dashboards

Monitor progress with a visual snapshot and quickly identify off-track items.

Document repository

Easily upload supporting documents in a centralized repository so everything stays in one place.

Resource planning

Manage team member’s workload and clarify roles with the resource allocation tool.

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