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The hard truth is that most companies struggle with strategy.​


5% of the work force, on average, understands their company’s strategy.


25% of managers have incentives that are linked to the successful execution of strategy.


60% of organizations fail to link budgets to strategy.


85% of executive teams spend less than one hour per month discussing strategy.

We’ve helped hundreds of organizations develop and execute their strategies with OGSM.

Learn more about ArchPoint’s proven process.​

What is OGSM?

OGSM is a clear framework for developing, aligning and deploying strategy.


Where are we going? Direction-setting statement.


What must we accomplish financially? Financial and operational performance goals.


How will we prioritize our choices? Choices made to achieve our objectives and goals.


How do we measure success? Quantitative figures used to track progress on each strategy.

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Experience matters.

Although the questions are simple, many times the answers are not obvious. Our experience allows us the ability to focus on what matters – getting through internal presumptions to uncover the right choices for the business.

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myOGSM software:

Enhancing strategy execution through automation

As hard as a good strategy is to develop, executing is even harder.

MyOGSM helps organizations visualize the big picture, build the strategy execution roadmap and communicate progress with ease, giving leaders the information needed to effectively manage and execute. Learn more about how strategy automation enhances strategic execution.

Don’t know where to start?

Choosing that you are no longer satisfied with the status quo is easy. Knowing what to do next is hard. Our Strategy Jumpstart sets you off on the right foot for your strategic planning journey.