MyOGSM Pricing and Services

$900/month Up to 250 Users REQUEST A DEMO
  • Dedicated MyOGSM Coach
  • 24/7 Helpdesk
  • Progress Dashboard
  • Automated Reports
  • Email Alerts and Summaries
Subscription includes a dedicated MyOGSM
Coach who provides best practice recommendations during monthly check-ins.
Training sessions are conducted via live webinar. On-site training is available upon request.
One-Time Set Up Fee: $600
Training: $300/Live Webinar

MyOGSM Services

We ensure successful adoption of MyOGSM software by providing you with a dedicated MyOGSM Coach who helps drive engagement, alignment and ownership throughout your organization.

MyOGSM Coach

Experienced MyOGSM Coaches ensure successful adoption of MyOGSM software by driving engagement, alignment and ownership throughout your organization:

  • Manage the overall implementation and ensures you are off to a quick-start
  • Support the management team with monthly check-ins
  • Advise your organization on best practices for ongoing management of OGSM
Ongoing Support/Helpdesk

Experienced support team is available 24/7 to support technical inquiries or questions.

  • Provide technical and user support as needed
  • Offer admin support e.g., password reset and user management
  • Track feedback and user data
Configuration and Customization

Experienced MyOGSM product managers gather your requirements and help define and implement the optimal configuration of MyOGSM.

  • Align MyOGSM terminology to your company language
  • Upload existing OGSM data into MyOGSM
  • Help manage users and permissions
User Training

Experienced MyOGSM trainers lead live webinars and/or onsite trainings to ensure team members are engaged and proficient with the software

  • Conduct Live Webinar and/or Onsite Training to Launch the Software
  • Provide periodic training webinars for new and existing users
  • Access to monthly newsletter with best practice and highlights